Job Title: Production Assistant: Clothing Dept
Hours: Full time
Pay: $10.30/hr

GOOD SAMARITAN MINISTRIES THRIFTSTORE: Good Samaritan Ministries, motivated by faith-based teaching, works in our community to advance family life, human dignity, and the common good. We provide services to meet the physical, social, emotional, and spiritual needs of individuals and families of all faiths, especially those most in need. Good Samaritan Thrift Store acts as an integral part of Good Samaritan Ministries mission to offer the programs and services to advance human dignity, respect and support.

Essential Functions: Duties and Responsibilities including but not limited to the following.

· Expected to daily sort, price as needed, and place clothing racks on the sales floor for purchase.

· Ensures clothing is stocked for daily sales, especially during ½ price sale.

· Responsible for keeping the Clothing production area clean and orderly, and remove all trip and fall hazards, as well as keeping displays pleasing to the customer’s eye.

· Conducts “pull-downs” at the end of the month or as desired.

· Puts away processed and priced merchandise.

· Adheres to all building safety requirements, as well as follows procedure when an incident, accident, or injury has occurred.

· Adheres to all store lifting policies and weight restrictions.

· In the event, a co-worker is out, potentially be willing to cover for staff and/or area.

· Greets and assists customers, treating all with respect and dignity.

· Maintains floors and workbenches, sweeping, washing in your department area, and make sure the shelves are dusted and presentable on the sales floor.

· Works consistently through the day with approved breaks. When area duties are “caught up”, find other tasks or projects to stay busy in the effort to support the store and co-workers.

· Takes initiative to help others by picking up around the store (inside and out), moving empty carts into cart area when needed.

· Interacts and communicates professionally and effectively while maintaining open communication with supervisors, and other team members, customers, and clients.

· Learns New Tasks

· Follows Directions and Policies

· Attends all meetings and training as required.

· Ability to manage a fast-paced store environment with heavy traffic flow on and off throughout the day

· Ability to stand for long periods of time, Frequent Lifting, carrying and transporting of objects weighing up to 60lbs.

Benefits: Full Medical, Dental, Vision, Health Savings Account and 401 (k)!

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