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The mission of the Housing Navigation Program is to provide members of the workforce with the tools and resources to be successful to secure housing. The way we do this is by collaborating and connecting community members to landlords, property management companies, and housing providers.

Appointment Process

It is required that clients bring their Social Security Card and Identification Card/Driver’s License when arriving, otherwise the client won’t be seen that day and will have to reschedule.

What To Expect During An Appointment

  • A release of information form will need to be signed for the navigator to use a database called Homeless MANAGEMENT INFORMATION System (HMIS) to keep track of client information.
  • A form stating the Housing Navigation Program and services offered will need to be signed.
  • A standard assessment will be done.
  • A Housing Stability Plan will be created with next steps to take to get into housing.
  • The Housing Navigator will refer clients to existing housing opportunities appropriate for them and other necessary housing resources.
  • The Housing Navigator can refer clients to home buyer classes in the area and support services for clients interested in the home ownership process.
  • The Housing Navigator will keep in touch with clients until they are suitably housed.

Financial assistance

Additional assistance can be provided by the Housing Navigator ​on a case by case basis after a Housing Stability Plan has been made.
Assistance What is Required to Bring
Renter's Insurance Name of vendor, copy of your lease, Copy of receipt/bill
Housing Application Fees Vendors name, address of property, receipt of application fee or confirmation how much the fee is
Deposit or Rental Assistance to Get Into Housing Name of vendor, copy of lease, W-9 form filled out by vendor (bring back), Good Samaritan rental/deposit assistance form
GAP Emergency Shelter Proof of leasing up or housing deed
Personal Identification Documents Depends on case but typically needs at least two other forms of identification. Acceptable forms are birth certificats, driver's license, identification cards.
Auto Insurance Start Up Costs Proof of registration
Food Cards
Treatment Classes Letter and/or paperwork for court requiring classes
Cellphones/Phone Cards
Laundry Tokens
Child Care Costs Partnerships scholarship,certified copy of the licensed day care provider, billing statement from the daycare provider
Minimal Damages to a Rental Verification from the landlord of cost. Bring any receipt/bill. Agreement form for damages (bring back)

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