Our Assistance Coordinator has been working with a client for 3 years now, helping her navigate a great deal of obstacles and adversity present throughout her life. This client suffers from a mental disability and transgressed from stability to instability during this time.
Since our Assistance Coordinator has known this individual, she has been admitted to the State Hospital (Warm Springs) twice. She was housed for a time but, due to her mental illness, the property management company would not continue her lease agreement. This tragically left her with no option other than the streets.  For months she traveled between Helena, Butte & Ulsa. She had full custody of her daughter before she experiencing instability and this last time but now went an entire year without seeing her baby girl which only added to her nightmare she found herself in. One cold night while in Ulsa she was walking on Mullen road by Ulsa’s “Tent City” sector where the homeless would stay and was hit by a small SUV going 40 mph. She went To St. Patrick’s by ambulance and was in a coma. After being in the hospital for a few months she was released and came back to Helena, MT. She got her daughter back full time, which was a blessing but was still struggling with homelessness.
After bouncing between three houses, couch surfing she found an ad online for an available apartment. Good Samaritan Ministries Assistance Coordinator had worked with this particular landlord  before, so she called him to advocate for her client. He had already rented the apartment that the ad she had found was for. But serendipitously, he had literally just hung up with another tenant of his who informed him that he had to move out in a week, thus, leaving another apartment available.  Through the grace of God and the blessing of compassionate people, this apartment became available only a week before her section 8 expired indefinitely. She now was able move into her new stable home with her beautiful daughter April 2nd, 2023.
A year and half ago all of her belongings were put into a storage unit that America Storage gave to Good Samaritans for free to use for clients such as this one. Good Samaritans Assistance Coordinator called up Instar Community Service Hannon House which is a transitional living home for men in recovery working to change their lives. They agreed to assist in moving our client’s belongings from the storage facility to her new home. Nine men showed up offering their time for free to help another in need. This is the second time The Hannon house has helped Good Samaritan move a client. Amazing collaboration and selflessness of these incredible men doing service work that really does make a difference. Good Samaritan cannot Thank Hannon House enough for this help. Our client broke down in tears out of gratitude and hope when saw these nine men there to help her. What a humbling experience.
Another successful client housed with the assistance of Good Samaritan Ministries. Not only did we help her and her daughter get stable housing, but we helped a single mom and her 5 year-olds life to be changed forever. Even in our current housing crisis, we succeeded with this case. Her deposit came from The Hunthausen Fund that is half grant half loan and she will have a year to pay back her half of the deposit. Your donations made this possible and changed this family’s life. Good Samaritan is beyond blessed to have donors such as you to be able to financially assist those in need of a hand up.
You change lives. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
From all of our Good Samaritan Staff

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