Today we helped a man, a veteran, who was homeless and in need of emergency housing. He is 75 years old and was half frozen out of his mind with hunger. After calling the Volunteers of America(VOA) it became clear that the only way to help him was to get his DD214, his snap benefits, and a letter from Social Security Income(SSI). First, we took him to the Veterans Hospital but they were closed so we then went to the SSI office and it too was closed. Since we were out, we then stopped by the Office of Public Assistance, and yes you guessed it, they were closed as well. The closures were of no fault of the agencies as they were following directives from above.
The gentleman seemed to become very scared and panicky at this point because he was afraid, he was going to be in the elements again tonight. I assured him that we would not let that happen and that should it come to that, we would call the “MAC PAC” from Good Sam’s and we would find him a place to stay. We went back to the office to start calling everyone we could think of that we had tried to visit. Eventually, we gathered all the needed documents this afternoon, a small miracle!

Finally, we re-called Volunteers of America, they asked that we come to their office so that they could enroll him in their program and set him up for emergency housing. It is hard to put into writing the relief he showed when I told him he would not be in the elements again tonight.

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