A young man came into Good Samaritan feeling desperate and alone in the world. Our receptionist told him he was always welcome here and could sit in the lobby and talk to her as long as he needed. He began to get emotional as he opened up about past trauma and how he could not even afford to buy clothes or shoes that fit.

Can you imagine wearing shoes two sizes too small because you don’t have the resources to buy shoes that fit? On top of previous trauma?

Our receptionist gave him a clothing voucher so he could pick out some new clothes and shoes that fit. He immediately put on his new shoes which brought a smile to his face. When we have the basic necessities of life we forget how much the little things matter, like a pair of shoes that fit. GSM provided him a hotel room because he had nowhere else to go but alone on the streets again. As he was leaving the receptionist gave him a hug, he became emotional and said; “I can’t explain how much it means to be treated like a human again”. The story does not end here, our assistance coordinator continued working on referrals and his needs.

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