A client came into Our Place in desperate need, he  talked with Peer Support about needing help with his Alcohol and drug problem. The man wanted information on Alcoholics Anonymous and felt this would be a good solution for his alcohol and drug problem. Our Peer Support talked with the client about his drug and alcohol history. He shared that he is over 40 years old and started drinking when he was 13 years old then started using other substances shortly after that. He shared that he consumes large quantities of alcohol and whatever else was available.

Peer Support talked with the young man about the dangers of coming off alcohol and talked with him about going into detox, then into treatment to help him in his journey.

A few days later he was accepted into Rim Rock Treatment Center for a 5 day treatment program on 7-08-2020 he was provided transportation  to RimRock and discharged on 7-14-2020. Marvin Coleman, the manager of Our Place, picked him up from treatment for continuity of services and to help with a warm cross over back to the community. 

While he was at treatment  Our Place Peer Support staff worked on finding him a housing placement to help prevent the cycle of homelessness and drug and alcohol relapse., Upon his  release from treatment, Marvin worked with him to set up a recovery plan. He will participate at Our Place every day to help with avoiding isolation, he will work with Peer Support from Instar Community service and participate in AA meetings, he will continue with his breathalyzers and continue to work with Pretrial services. He will be staying at God’s Love until another housing option is available. Because of his continuing dedication to his recovery plan he was recently accepted into a sober transitional housing on 7-31-2020.

Congratulations TK

We are with you all the way!!!


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