You Can Change a Life- My Story

We would like to send a huge thank you out to all our Good Samaritan family and donors. You all do not know how much you mean to us. This job, I call it that, but it is truly so much more, has changed the lives of several of us, myself included. I came to Montana a little over a year ago completely broken from opiate addiction, my own parents were too exhausted with my addiction to take me in. My dad’s sister, who had had her own rough phase in her life, was empathetic and told me I always had a place to go out here with her and my uncle if I needed it. I called her crying outside the Suboxone Dr.’s office because I had let my insurance lapse and I was too broke to pay for the appointment and I was detoxing. I moved in with them and spent months recovering my mind and body. In March I interviewed at Good Samaritan for the “Outreach Coordinator” position. I instantly felt comfortable in the room with the HR Manager and Executive Director. I got the feeling of a family type atmosphere at Good Samaritan and that appealed to me so much, I needed that close knit group of support. I waited nervously by the phone hoping for a call back and was ecstatic when I was offered the position. After I had been here a couple of months and started running fundraising campaigns to help our Assistance Ministry, my position seamlessly shifted into a Marketing/Fundraising Coordinator and I cannot begin to explain how much I love the work that I do. “Meaningful Work” is what my boss calls it and it truly is. In this past year, despite everything that has gone on in the country, I have gained over a year of sobriety, truly found myself and found this fire in me to help others the way someone helped me when I needed it. I want to thank our donors, YOU, for showing me how to give without asking for anything in return and how fulfilling it is to see those donations go to those who truly need it. You can change a life; you all have truly changed mine.


Sarah Grantham

Marketing Coordinator




Do you refinish items that you have purchased at Good Samaritan? We would love to see the before and after pictures!! Your name or any personal information will not be used. 

Good Samaritan Store is starting a new contest for the best before and after photos that are sent to us with the deadline for submissions April 30th. The winner will receive a $25 gift card to Good Samaritan. 

The photo below is the after picture of a quilt a customer purchased from us, originally it looked worn with the colors faded and dull. After a deep clean wash, the colors brightened exponentially, finally the customer used 4” satin bias tape around the edges to finish the project. And WOW it looks like a new quilt!!

Please send your pictures to: [email protected] for submission


Poverty Awareness Month: subsidiarity & solidarity can end poverty

God empowers all, especially those who are vulnerable, to stand up for themselves and protect their dignity. Subsidiarity—the participation of the people directly affected by a problem in the solution-making process—is a way for us to affirm the dignity of all persons, especially at home in our communities. A key element of breaking the cycle of poverty is empowering low-income and vulnerable communities to learn how to raise their own voices and practice self-determination. In Catholic social teaching, subsidiarity is always paired with solidarity. Higher powers or institutions, such as government, must provide help and resources so that communities have the resources to address the problems that affect them.

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