Home is having safe and affordable living.

The Hunthausen Fund is a memorial program for families to have a home of their own.

The Hunthausen Family Fund was established at Good Samaritan Ministries with the Hunthausen family in July 2018.

The Hunthausen Family Fund was established at Good Samaritan Ministries with the Hunthausen family in July 2018 to create a “hand-up” approach to reducing homelessness. This fund was formed in honor of three siblings, Archbishop Hunthausen, Father John (Jack) Hunthausen, and Sister Edna Hunthausen, who championed social justice, and worked for the poor and needy in Montana.

By helping to pay a deposit and first month’s rent, the Hunthausen Family Fund assures a sense of home and a positive start to a stable living situation. The fund is unique to any other grant or funding from Good Samaritan Ministries or other area agencies by including both a grant and loan portion, up to $1,250 each or $2,500 total. Since the inception of the Hunthausen Family Fund, 50 families have been helped to find a place to call home.

Archbishop Raymond Hunthausen

Archbishop Raymond Hunthausen was the former Archbishop of Seattle, Bishop of Western Montana, and President of Carroll College. Archbishop Hunthausen’s social teaching have always focused on the needs of the poor and those less fortunate. He has given his life in service to the church and the pursuit of spreading Christ’s peace, joy, and love.

Fr. Jack Hunthausen

Fr. Jack Hunthausen has faithfully Served the Diocese of Helena and the people of his parishes as a priest since 1952. Always going where he was needed Fr. Jack served at Carroll College and in many parishes. Loved everywhere he goes, Fr. Jack has brought more joy and peace to those in need than can be told. His faith is infectious.

Sr. Edna Hunthausen

Sr. Edna Hunthausen entered the Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth in 1948 serving in a variety of ministries. The richest and most dear of these experiences was the 26 years spent on the Blackfeet Indian Reservation in Browning, MT. Sister Edna looks on these years as receiving more than giving. “I have been graced and I thank God for all the gifts of faith, family, and friends.”


  • All applicants must be homeless or precariously housed
  • If granted funds, the client must have a housing unit ready for a move-in within 30 days of approval
  • The Hunthausen Fund is a one-time move-in assistance
  • The maximum assistance is up to $2,500.00. However, we can only give what landlords have designated first-month rent and security deposit to be.
  • Both the grant and the loan portion’s maximum amount is  $2,500.00, pending availability of funds.
  • All applicants may move-in to Lewis and Clark, Broadwater, and Jefferson County (to be extended to Silver Bow County in the future)

If you are a caseworker who has a client who might benefit from help from the Hunthausen Fund, contact us at 406.442.0780.

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