Job Type: Full-Time

Position Summary: The Street Outreach Worker is responsible for performing street outreach to the homeless county-wide including reaching out to individuals and families that are not being served or are underserved by existing community service delivery systems, building trusting relationships and developing a rapport that lead to acceptance and openness to seeking help, engaging the homeless as a first step to accepting care for immediate health and safety needs, using services and resources and taking steps to become integrated into the community, enabling individuals to accept placement and opportunities to stabilize their lives and utilizing diversion practices, crisis response and intervention, shelter referrals, interim housing placement, and linking individuals with the appropriate destination for continued services.


Essential Functions:

  • Conduct mobile outreach and create client service engagement opportunities for homeless individuals and families on the streets.
  • Use Engagement, Assessment, and Referrals (E.A.R.) as strategies for outreach including the following elements:
  • Engagement: Build trust with homeless individuals and assess their immediate health and safety needs; Sensitive to the willingness of the person or family to be engaged; Engagement is non-threatening, flexible, and persistent; and Built upon respect for the person and his/her autonomy and confidentiality.
  • Assessment: Outreach workers will assess the individual’s: Safety, including potentially life-threatening situations (COVID-19, HIV-AIDS), at risk of abuse, unsafe situations, and youth, to be referred for Immediate needs; Level of functioning; Overall mental and physical health; Strengths and capacities, including the capacity for making decisions
  • Referrals: Actively collaborate with other homeless services providers and community resources to facilitate access to the continuum of community services including: Basic needs, including food, clothing, shelter, hygiene, and laundry; Housing assistance; Substance abuse education and treatment; Legal assistance; and Health information and more
  • Facilitate and maintain community relationships to create referral pathways for program participants into County and other private and/or non-profit programs.
  • Assist with screening of potential program participants for the Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Rehousing programs, emphasizing the engagement of homeless veterans.
  • Provide program materials and referral training sessions to community partners around shelter services (outreach to motels, churches, downtown merchants, as well as job seeking).
  • Provide Support and guidance to participants as they transition from street to shelter, transitional housing.
  • Follow safety protocols for community street outreach.
  • Be thoroughly familiar with the policies and procedures guiding the work of this position and the program or department overall. Perform job functions in line with these policies and procedures.
  • Research and Implement best practices on street outreach and assist participants in acquiring resources for acquiring housing.
  • Develop and manage a comprehensive outreach/ working relationship with all stakeholders, elected officials and staff, commercial and private community activists, and clients.
  • Through assessment the Outreach Worker is responsible for diversion, crisis response and intervention, shelter referrals, interim housing placement, and linking families with the appropriate destination for continued services, including referral to and enrolment in Coordinated Entry.
  • Divert or link/schedule individuals and families with the appropriate services. This could include emergency shelter, temporary housing, permanent housing, or Rapid Re-Housing assistance.
  • Provide thorough and complete documentation of all required activities and engagements, per contract requirements, including case notes, documenting Reasonable Accommodation requests, etc.
  • Work with private, public, or/and nonprofit organizations, faith-based organizations as appropriate and requested, and
  • Perform other related duties as assigned.

To apply for any position please pick up an application from our store or download it online and submit to Chelsey. For all questions please call Chelsey at (406) 442-0780 extension 101.

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