Greetings and Happy Holidays!

Each and every year we rely on generous donors like you to help us continue our work around keeping the Helena community a place where ALL of us can call home.

Instead of buying your friends and family a Christmas gift that they may not need consider donating to Good Samaritan in their name. They will receive a personal letter that a donation was made on their behalf for Christmas with information on what Good Samaritan does and how we help those struggling this time of year. If you choose to donate you will be helping our Assistance Ministry to:

  • Help the homeless off the streets or living in their cars to emergency shelter with continuing support
  • Help people find permanent housing and assist them as needed with rental deposits
  • Give those with nowhere else to go a safe space to speak to someone who can do their best to help meet their need
  • And every day needs that maybe we don’t think twice about such as: utility bills, clothing vouchers, medical supplies, medication assistance and so much more

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